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If you’re feeling stressed from financial challenges you might be facing at the moment…

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...then this subliminal audio track can help you rapidly absorb the traits, habits, and belief system of millionaires.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, my job is to help my clients take on empowering beliefs that will change their lives.

To do that, I use powerful suggestions that slip under the “radar” of their conscious mind. That way, I can access the subconscious mind and prime it with the right traits and habits.

With Subliminal Audio Technology, however, I discovered it takes even LESS time to program someone’s mind for wealth and success.

That means anyone can change their old, toxic beliefs about money and start upgrading their life IMMEDIATELY.

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Dr. Steve G. Jones
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Unlock The Power Of Subliminal Audio And Open The Floodgates To Abundance, Wealth & Success!
10 PRICELESS Traits That Made Me a Millionaire
Before I became a successful clinical hypnotherapist, I had my share of struggles. 

Not only was I borderline bankrupt, but also $80,000 deep in credit card debt. 

Creditors were calling me left and right, asking me to pay up and threatening legal action. 

Eventually, I got evicted from my apartment and ended up sleeping in my office (which I was in danger of losing at any moment, too). 

To make matters worse, I was getting sick from the tremendous stress. And I learned that my so-called friends were saying unkind things about me behind my back.

This was my rock bottom moment.

And looking back at it now, I realize why I ended up in that position.

It was because I had a “poor person’s brain.” 

My financial state was clear proof of that I didn’t know how to create (and sustain!) long-term wealth.

But after my personal breakthrough, I managed to find a way to re-wire my mind and absorb the attitudes, habits, and beliefs of rich people.

And these were the most crucial traits I had to learn before I could pull myself out of bankruptcy:

(Don’t worry - I’ll show you in just a bit how you can immediately absorb these traits without making the same mistakes I did!)

#1: I Created The RIGHT Beliefs About Money (And Myself!)

Before I learned how to earn my first million in under a year, my mind was poisoned by highly TOXIC beliefs about wealth…

...and about myself.

But after I flipped that switch in my brain, I cultivated new, empowering beliefs instead. 

This made me I’m 100% dedicated to being rich and building my dream life. I also began to believe that I can create multiple systems to grow my wealth in a NON-LINEAR way.

And I realized that I’m a unique, brilliant individual - and have the right to be wealthy and successful just like everyone else.

And once I lived by these beliefs wholeheartedly, my life was never the same.

#2: I Learned How To Leverage My Time Wisely

One of the other critical changes I made was the way I used my hours.

To be specific, I had to stop following the tired old formula that goes: 

X number of hours = X amount of $$$

That’s a linear way of looking at wealth, and it was going to keep me stuck in the rat race forever.

So I worked on creating income-producing systems that would make my money work for me - instead of the opposite.

#3: I Stopped Letting Negative People Influence Me

Before I became a multi-millionaire, I didn’t know how crippling it was to hang out with toxic people. 

Like I said, toxic beliefs are hazardous to your financial health. So I had to stop allowing negative people to poison my mindset about money and success. 

After I made that switch, I decided to surround myself with (and reach out to) people who inspire and lift me up. I sought the company of those who elevated my thinking and energized me.

And made it ALL the difference...

#4: I Respected My Wealth 

Before I got out of debt, I used to think that having truckloads of money was my endgame. I thought being wealthy meant spending as much as I wanted to.

To my surprise, ALMOST all of the millionaires that I met DIDN’T think this way. 

They didn’t own a ton of cars, houses, yachts and other stuff that I assumed they needed to have.

And after I paid off my credit bills, I realized it was just the beginning. 

To win the long game of getting rich, I had to put cash back into my money-making systems. Only then would I spend on other essentials. 

This trait helped me grow my wealth from a meager few thousands dollars…

...to seven-figure income in less than year!

#5: I Knew Exactly How Much I Needed

This is a very simple step to being wealthy that most people IGNORE. 

And I realized early on that I should set objectives for myself, financially speaking. 

The truth is that rich people have a SPECIFIC figure in mind right from the beginning. 

It doesn’t matter if they miss the mark by a little (or a LOT). What DOES matter is that they’ve decided on an actual number - AND build a well-defined plan around it.

#6: I Figured Out What Wealth Meant To Me

One of the things I also did was to figure out what was my personal definition of wealth.

So I came up with standards I needed to meet BEFORE I could call myself rich. 

Some of those standards included: how much money I wanted to make (see the last trait), having an emergency fund, having enough assets (e.g. stocks, bonds, physical properties), and not worrying about bills and other basic expenses. 

And once I really drilled down on these things, my wealth skyrocketed.

Since then, I’ve updated my definition of being wealthy (because my situation changed). 

However, everyone should do the same and come up with their personal definition as early as NOW.

#7: I Faced The Music (a.k.a. I Got Real With Myself!)

It’s very easy for someone to keep their finances out of sight and out of mind, and go on pretending that “everything will work out on their own”...

...until that is, it comes back to bite them from behind.

I was like this for the longest time. I ignored reality by not making any concrete goals about building wealth. I also didn’t create a step-by-step plan, nor a timetable.

Worst of all, I didn’t take a cold, hard look at my spending habits, how much I had in the bank, how much I owed, or my cashflow. 

I simply buried my head in the sand and thought I could just keep working at my clinic even though the debt was mounting. And lucky for me, I woke up and took stock of my financial situation before I was completely ruined.

#8: I Mastered The Wealth Formula

This was a key piece of the puzzle that I picked up along the way. In a nutshell, it goes like this:

Prospects X Rate of Conversions X $ Per Customer X Transactions Per Customer = $$$$$

Let’s break that down real quick...

Prospects would be the people that look at your ad (like a Google or Facebook ad), or walk into your physical store, or visit your website. Rate of conversion would be people the actual number of people who buy something from you.

Then “$ per customer” is how much each paying customer spends on average. And the last part of the formula - transactions per customer - is how often those same customers buy from you (e.g. repeat customers).

So, I learned that focusing on and improving EVERY part of this formula increased my income exponentially!

#9: I Stopped Going Solo

Like I said earlier, it’s important to leverage your time as much as possible. And getting other people to help you build your business. 

To avoid getting bogged down in mundane tasks that sucked up large amounts of my time, I began to outsource a lot of my work. 

I saw this as an investment that put my money-making systems on auto-pilot so I could focus on the BIG picture. 

I had to shell out more money than I wanted to in the beginning…

...but soon enough, I started making money even though I wasn’t actively involved in the process.

#10: I Looked Beyond Myself

This last trait is the most important for me because it has to do with how money fits into the greater scheme of things.

What kind of purpose does money serve in your life? Are you making money just for the sake of it…

...or is there something bigger at stake?

Chances are it’s the latter for you.

And many of my wealthiest friends have a bigger mission in mind. It’s the engine that drives them forward and gives them a reason to do the things they do.

Most of the time, those reasons go beyond their own interests. They want to enhance people’s lives in some way, or fund projects that are close to their heart.

And this really makes a HUGE difference in the way they earn their money. 

Doing it for other people beside yourself can be a massive motivator - and this was especially true in my case!
About The Author
Dr. Steve G. Jones is a licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist and self-made multimillionaire who developed the Dream Life Mastery Program to help other people reach their goals and make incredible breakthroughs in their own lives

But before Steve learned the secrets to building an abundant life and creating amazing wealth, he had his share of struggles.

He lost his mother at an early age and grew up with his father who battled alcohol abuse. Later on in his life, Steve experienced a lot of career detours and failed business ventures.

He soon found himself $80,000 in credit card debt, and financial institutions and collection agencies were beating down on his door.
Steve held on as long as he could. After getting evicted from his own place, he lived out of his office which he also about to lose.

But he soon reached a turning point where he discovered a way to reprogram his mind to attract everything he needed, as well as create systems in place to put his life back on track.
Using a combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques and a specific framework for happiness and success, Steve developed the Dream Life Mastery program for getting the results he wanted.

Today, he manages 22 training certification programs in hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). At one time, Steve had 30,000 students who enrolled for his programs. On top of that, he also serves as a life and business coach for top Hollywood directors, sports stars, and CEOs.

Steve has been practicing clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP since the 1980s, and is the President of the American Alliance of Hypnotists and the American Union of NLP. He is also a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the National Guild of Hypnotists, and an associate member of the American Psychological Association.

Steve received my Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Florida in 1994, and his Master's degree in Education from Armstrong Atlantic State University in 2007. In 2009, Steve gained his Educational Specialist degree from Georgia Southern University, followed by his Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) also from GSU in 2013.
Here’s What People Are Saying About Dr. Steve G. Jones’s Hypnosis Programs
I would highly recommend you and your site to anyone who is fed up with the way things are now, this minute, and want to open a new door to a new path. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
Linda Abramson
WOW! No wonder Steve is the leader in hypnotherapy. How lucky are those who have had the benefit of his genius!
Jeraldine Saunders
Creator the Love Boat TV series
I started listening to your audios and progressed from not being able to get a job anywhere to getting the exact job I wanted, went straight to the top and acquired much of what was on my vision board. I flooded my mind and made profound changes in my life. Thank you, Dr Steve, for the work that you do.
Kevin Harrington
Being someone who is extremely familiar with the power of hypnosis, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Clinical Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones is among the best in the world.
Dr. Joe Vitale
Star of The Secret
I have been lucky enough to be able to listen to Steve Jones’ recordings for about 7 or 8 years. I have always believed in hypnosis and have found these recordings to be effective and very useful. I just listen and notice the change.
Serena Stuart
Rochester, WA
Hypnosis is an ancestral art, which accesses and uncovers the subconscious mind, in order to understand its process and principles takes time, consistency, and patience. When you have a mentor, such as Dr. Steve G. Jones, that understands and lives those requirements, you’re guaranteed success.
Al Kelbren
Olympic Coach (Women’s Gymnastics)
My appreciation for your work and the positive impact it’s made on my life is far more than I’m able to describe here. However, I’ve been inspired to live out my dreams and have actually taken real steps towards its realization in the past few months. Your Fan, Student & Friend.
Leo Konfino
Steve, I want to Thank You so much for all your help. With your help I have gone from disability to ability. I did have a complete knee replacement for pain from old injuries but most of the change has taken place in the mind. I am off morphine and another very addictive strong pain med called OxyContin. I no longer go to the pain clinic every month.Now I have no pain at all. Thank You again.
Mary Brzeczek
Chicago, Illinois
About 2 years ago I suffered a nervous breakdown due to a toxic situation at my workplace. I ended up with chronic sleep and anxiety issues. For the very first time in my life, I ended up on some serious anti-depressants and although I am grateful for the immediate relief of my most acute symptoms, I knew I did not want to get hooked on prescription drugs forever. Having spent most of my life advocating a healthy lifestyle, eating a plant based diet, exercising regularly , doing yoga etc., I knew prescription drugs were not the answer long term and so I began seeking alternative, more natural ways of coping with my anxiety and sleep issues. I had heard about hypnosis and my gut feeling was that this would be the answer but after seeing a local hypnotherapist and being quite disappointed with the session and ensuing results, I started searching the internet and this is when I discovered Steve G. Jones and his incredible hypnosis recordings. I did as Steve suggested and stuck to the same track for 21 days and my anxiety and sleep issues really improved dramatically. Now, I still listen to his tracks every day of the week but vary the tracks according to my needs for that particular day. All I can say is Steve G. Jones was blessed with a particular gift for helping others heal. Whatever the problem, you will definitely benefit from his products and services. I wholeheartedly recommend Steve G. Jones to anyone who is serious about holistic self-improvement.
Jade Dexter
Montreal, QC, Canada
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Unlock The Power Of Subliminal Audio And Open The Floodgates To Abundance, Wealth & Success!
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Unlock The Power Of Subliminal Audio And Open The Floodgates To Abundance, Wealth & Success!
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