It’s Time To Build Momentum Toward Financial Success…
...And Keep Money-Making Systems In Perpetual Motion!

Hi, I’m Dr. Steve G. Jones.

Not long ago, I was stuck in a negative financial situation…

I was deep in credit card debt (to the tune of $80,000), got evicted from my apartment, and was borderline bankrupt.

Not surprisingly, I felt hopeless about the state of my life.

As far as I was concerned, it was next to impossible to get out of the rut I was in.

But as I hovered near-rock bottom, I learned an important truth:

If I didn’t change my mindset and attitude about money, then I was going to be stuck exactly where I was.

That’s why I had to rewrite my most deeply-held beliefs and fears about money...

...so that I could put myself on a wealthier and more abundant path…

And now, I want to share with you how I made that CRITICAL mindset shift.

“Money Momentum Kickstart” is a specialized self-hypnosis audio track that ANYONE can use to quickly absorb the habits, traits, and attitudes of wealthy people.

You see, my personal belief system about money - or Internal Financial Compass as I like to call it - was off in a bad way. 

So I recalibrated my “compass” by implanting HEALTHY beliefs, attitudes, and habits deep in my subconscious

After that, my life was never the same again.

That’s why I’ve taken all of these critical mental habits and thought patterns…

...distilled them down to their core essence

...and compiled them into this unique audio track.

This self-hypnosis program is different from regular meditation audio tracks because it features Subaudible Soundwave Technology

This allows anyone to shift to a lower brainwave state (and a higher state of vibration) so that they can immediately absorb and apply the powerful suggestions and habits contained in my audio tracks.

Now, it’s time to overcome financial inertia so you can move full speed towards an abundant, wealth-filled life!

Dr. Steve G. Jones
Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Quickly Gain Traction, Gather Critical Mass and Kickstart an Abundant Life!
6 Benefits of Self-Hypnosis / Guided Meditation
#1: Recalibrate Your Internal Financial Compass
Everyone has a belief system about how money works, and how it’s earned. As such, this self-hypnosis audio track is designed to optimize a person’s internal compass so that it’s always pointed towards better avenues for making money.

This way, anyone can get on the fast track to creating wealth by making the best decisions that impact their financial well-being!
#2: Act From a Place of Abundance (and NOT scarcity)
I used to think that everyone else was lucky except me. I held a grudge against anyone who got their “big break” - and I thought it was unfair that I didn’t get mine yet.

I believed that I couldn’t have my piece of the pie because there wasn’t enough to go around.

Many people have the same limiting belief - and this can poison their financial success in subtle but powerful ways.

That’s why I designed this audio track to help everyone unlearn their beliefs related to scarcity.

With this program, people can open their eyes to opportunities that they didn’t see before, start creating wealth, and improve their lives.
#3: Get Into a Powerful Money-Making Mindset Immediately
A lot of people (including me) feel stuck in their financial situation because they simply don’t know any better. They don’t have the mindset that’s needed for creating systems that generate wealth on auto-pilot.

That’s why I’ve designed this self-hypnosis audio track to train people’s minds (just like I trained mine) so they can think and act like a wealthy person.

This is the best way to overcome inertia quickly and start building financial momentum ASAP!

#4: Map Out An UNSTOPPABLE Path To Success
It’s hard for someone to get to where they want to be if they don’t know HOW to get there.

With a rich person’s brain, however, they can easily come up with - and execute - a plan for financial success.

Using the power of self-hypnosis, anyone can easily remove mental blocks and negative beliefs from their subconscious. Once that’s out of the way, nothing can stop them from doing everything necessary to succeed!

#5: Grow A Thicker Skin
Let’s face it - life isn’t easy. That’s why the world’s wealthiest people trained themselves to embrace challenges and learn from failure.

Using this powerful audio track, anyone can quickly train their subconscious and develop the SAME mental resilience that rich people have.

This is a VITAL characteristic that allows you to get over life’s disappointments, learn from experience and move past obstacles.
#6: Move AGGRESSIVELY Towards Your Goals
Millionaires value self-discipline because it helps them stay committed to their mission. With this mindset, they can push past discouragement and keep moving towards their goals at full speed.

And with self-hypnosis, you can cultivate this SAME quality. This is the key to crushing fear, doubt, and hesitation!
About The Author
Dr. Steve G. Jones is a licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist and self-made multimillionaire who developed the Dream Life Mastery Program to help other people reach their goals and make incredible breakthroughs in their own lives

But before Steve learned the secrets to building an abundant life and creating amazing wealth, he had his share of struggles.

He lost his mother at an early age and grew up with his father who battled alcohol abuse. Later on in his life, Steve experienced a lot of career detours and failed business ventures.
He soon found himself $80,000 in credit card debt, and financial institutions and collection agencies were beating down on his door.

Steve held on as long as he could. After getting evicted from his own place, he lived out of his office which he also about to lose.

But he soon reached a turning point where he discovered a way to reprogram his mind to attract everything he needed, as well as create systems in place to put his life back on track.
Using a combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques and a specific framework for happiness and success, Steve developed the Dream Life Mastery program for getting the results he wanted.

Today, he manages 22 training certification programs in hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). At one time, Steve had 30,000 students who enrolled for his programs. On top of that, he also serves as a life and business coach for top Hollywood directors, sports stars, and CEOs.

Steve has been practicing clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP since the 1980s, and is the President of the American Alliance of Hypnotists and the American Union of NLP. He is also a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the National Guild of Hypnotists, and an associate member of the American Psychological Association.

Steve received my Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Florida in 1994, and his Master's degree in Education from Armstrong Atlantic State University in 2007. In 2009, Steve gained his Educational Specialist degree from Georgia Southern University, followed by his Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) also from GSU in 2013.
Here’s What People Are Saying About Dr. Steve G. Jones’s Hypnosis Programs
Being someone who is extremely familiar with the power of hypnosis, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Clinical Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones is among the best in the world.
Dr. Joe Vitale
Star of The Secret
WOW! No wonder Steve is the leader in hypnotherapy. How lucky are those who have had the benefit of his genius!
Jeraldine Saunders
Creator the Love Boat TV series
Dr. Steve G. Jones is without a doubt the best in his field.
Kevin Harrington
Original Shark on Shark Tank
I would highly recommend you and your site to anyone who is fed up with the way things are now, this minute, and want to open a new door to a new path. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
Linda Abramson
I have been lucky enough to be able to listen to Steve Jones’ recordings for about 7 or 8 years. I have always believed in hypnosis and have found these recordings to be effective and very useful. I just listen and notice the change.
Serena Stuart
Rochester, WA
Hypnosis is an ancestral art, which accesses and uncovers the subconscious mind, in order to understand its process and principles takes time, consistency, and patience. When you have a mentor, such as Dr. Steve G. Jones, that understands and lives those requirements, you’re guaranteed success.
Al Kelbren
Olympic Coach (Women’s Gymnastics)
My appreciation for your work and the positive impact it’s made on my life is far more than I’m able to describe here. However, I’ve been inspired to live out my dreams and have actually taken real steps towards its realization in the past few months. Your Fan, Student & Friend.
Leo Konfino
Steve, I want to Thank You so much for all your help. With your help I have gone from disability to ability. I did have a complete knee replacement for pain from old injuries but most of the change has taken place in the mind. I am off morphine and another very addictive strong pain med called OxyContin. I no longer go to the pain clinic every month.Now I have no pain at all. Thank You again.
Mary Brzeczek
Chicago, Illinois
About 2 years ago I suffered a nervous breakdown due to a toxic situation at my workplace. I ended up with chronic sleep and anxiety issues. 

For the very first time in my life, I ended up on some serious anti-depressants and although I am grateful for the immediate relief of my most acute symptoms, I knew I did not want to get hooked on prescription drugs forever. 

Having spent most of my life advocating a healthy lifestyle, eating a plant based diet, exercising regularly , doing yoga etc., I knew prescription drugs were not the answer long term and so I began seeking alternative, more natural ways of coping with my anxiety and sleep issues. 

I had heard about hypnosis and my gut feeling was that this would be the answer but after seeing a local hypnotherapist and being quite disappointed with the session and ensuing results, I started searching the internet and this is when I discovered Steve G. Jones and his incredible hypnosis recordings. 

I did as Steve suggested and stuck to the same track for 21 days and my anxiety and sleep issues really improved dramatically. 

Now, I still listen to his tracks every day of the week but vary the tracks according to my needs for that particular day. 

All I can say is Steve G. Jones was blessed with a particular gift for helping others heal. Whatever the problem, you will definitely benefit from his products and services. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Steve G. Jones to anyone who is serious about holistic self-improvement.
Jade Dexter
Montreal, QC, Canada
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Quickly Gain Traction, Gather Critical Mass and Kickstart an Abundant Life!
Money Back Guarantee
I want you to feel completely confident getting your copy of Learn to Trust Again today, which is why my program is backed by a comprehensive 30-day iron-clad 100% money-back guarantee!

Just place your order, download the self-hypnosis audio track and listen to it every day. Experience the transformational uplife in your life.

Furthermore, if at ANY time during the next 30 days you don’t feel 100% happy with your purchase IF you don’t feel like you receive at least 10x the value of what you paid.

I’ll refund every penny – no questions asked.

It really is that simple.

Dr. Steve G. Jones

Learn to Trust Again

It’s Time To Build Momentum Toward Financial Success And Keep Money-Making Systems In Perpetual Motion!

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Frequently Asked Questions
How fast will I see results?
Some people see (and feel) results almost instantly, but it really depends on your individual needs. Most members have reported that they have seen significant positive changes within weeks of application. Therefore the faster they are put to work, the faster the results.
Does your program cater specifically to me?
YES, the program was designed based on broad human psychology with techniques, tips and methods which have been used for thousands of years. And age is no barrier, whether you're 21 or 61 it is never too early, or too late to grab life by the horns and achieve ANYTHING in life.
When will I get the Program?
This is a digital file. You’ll get the entire program in just five minutes from now. In fact, It could be sooner depending on your internet connection.
What format is the program and will it work on a phone?
The self-hypnosis file is mp3 format which means it can be download to a phone, tablet or computer, or any other device to easily access it instantly.
What is your refund policy?
We have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you decide that the program is not for you within 30 days, then we'll refund every penny, no questions asked.
What if I have extra questions?
No problem. It would be great to hear from you. We would love to help you personally if you have any extra questions. Please email us at support@dreamlifeprogram.com. We'll respond as quickly as possible.

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Learn to Trust Again

It’s Time To Build Momentum Toward Financial Success And Keep Money-Making Systems In Perpetual Motion!

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