Sleep cycles are vital to feeling rested upon waking in the morning.

A specific number of hours of R.E.M. sleep – the Rapid Eye Movement stage that is the deep, restful sleep stage is important to allowing the body and mind to rejuvenate itself.

As morning approaches and a certain number of hours have passed, the body gradually awakens to lighter levels of sleep.
When we are able awaken on our own, we will feel the most rested. This comes from getting the right number of hours of sleep and the right type of sleep.

It is nearly impossible for sleeping medication to recreate or allow the body to get enough R.E.M. sleep without too much.

The great news is that hypnosis doesn’t create chemical reactions or dependency.

It naturally relaxes the body and mind so that it can go into the proper stages of sleep at the right time.
After three weeks of using this self hypnosis program to fall asleep, and maintain a blissful night’s sleep, your mind and body will be trained to do it on its own, without needing this track at all.

It will become as routine as brushing your teeth at night.

I trust that you will enjoy and gain positive benefits from this track. This is the same track that I sell online for $79.99 and it’s yours as a free gift from me as part of welcoming you to my Dream Life Mastery Program. :)

Enjoy and sleep well!

Dr. Steve G. Jones
Clinical Hypnotherapist and Success Coach
Founder of The Dream Life Mastery Program
Blissful Sleep Self Hypnosis Audio Track
By Dr. Steve G. Jones
Listen to this before going to bed for a deep and refreshing nights sleep.
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